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What are OKRs(Objectives & Key Results)?

Objectives and key results are a form of goal setting for teams and businesses that want to set ambitious goals and meticulously track them with metrics. From nonprofits to software startups, teams everywhere are turning to OKR’s to help them meet their goals and grow their organization.

For many teams, the OKR meaning might seem too simplistic. But the simplicity of this system is what gives it the flexibility to adapt to many different types of teams and organizations. To create your own goal using OKRs, fill in this sentence:

I will accomplish (objective) by (date) through attaining and achieving the following metrics (key results). 

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Company(CEO) OKR examples

  1. Objective: Skyrocket business growth 
    1. KR: Close 10 deals worth 4M
    2. KR: Expand customer base by 20%
    3. KR: Implement affiliate marketing with 10 people.
  2. Objective: Monitor finances across the enterprise
    1. KR: Achieve net profit margins of 85% by Mid-June
    2. KR: Hit 30% profits by December
    3. KR: Come up with 3 optimised budget plans

Marketing OKR examples

  1. Objective: Solidify the content marketing strategy
    1. KR: Post 25 articles in the Employee Engagement category..
    2. KR: Create 10 customer success stories
    3. KR: Send cold emails to 30k potential leads.
  2. Objective: Improve outbound marketing
    1. KR: Get 50 reviews on our Capterra profile.
    2. KR: Get 100 reviews on G2 profile.
    3. KR: Get 50 backlinks from Quora.
  3. Objective : Provide a smooth onboarding for new users
    1. KR: Create at least 3 help videos for each product feature.
    2. KR: Take up 3 training webinars for users to gain maximum  value from the product.
    3. KR: Reach out to users in free trial with 4 product newsletters.

Sales OKR examples

  1. Objective: Increase recurring revenue
    1. KR: Increase monthly subscriptions by 30%.
    2. KR: Raise the average subscription revenue to $900 per month.
    3. KR: Decrease churn rate by 5% yearly. 
  2. Objective:Improve the sales generation process.
    1. KR: Increase sales conversion rate to 70%.
    2. KR: Create 3 new training sessions for each stage of the customer lifecycle.
    3. KR: Come up with 5 measures to reduce closed-lost deals.
  3. Objective: Optimize the sales analytics process by Q4 2019
    1. KR: Automate CRM for sales activities.
    2. KR: Improve efficiency of sales analytics processes to 98%
    3. KR: Retrospect and improve at least 50 sales metrics

HR OKR examples

  1. Objective: Curate Employee development plan
    1. KR: Ensure all individuals plan personal growth OKRs.
    2. KR: Ensure weekly check-ins of all teams.
    3. KR: Conduct 360 reviews monthly.
    4. KR: Curate trainings for employees to bridge skill gaps.
  2. Objective: Increase the company work force significantly.
    1. KR: Run hiring campaigns on at least three job sites.
    2. KR: Introduce employee referral bonuses.
    3. KR: Curate the best hiring process.
  3. Objective: Improve internal employee engagement
    1. Implement continuous feedback with at least 4 feedbacks per user.
    2. Obtain a score of 90% in the employee engagement survey.
    3. Plan 2 fun Fridays per month.

Product Management OKR examples

  1. Objective: Offer a free-valuable product to grow our user base
    1. KR: Increase our NPS score from 20 to 50
    2. KR: Increase daily active users from 1,200 to 1,500
    3. KR: Get 100 downloads for the mobile app
  2. Objective: Launch product update with bug fixes and better UI/UX
    1. KR: Reduce the number of issues reported to 20 per month.
    2. KR: Improve UX by adding a User home to display summary details.
    3. KR: Increase user activity on site by 5%
  3. Objective: Achieve 1L cart checkouts
    1. KR: Achieve an average cart value of $50$
    2. KR: Increase mobile checkouts by 50% by making checkout mobile friendly.
    3. KR: Increase average number of products added to cart from 2 to 3

Engineering OKR examples

  1. Objective: Implement a feedback collection tool 
    1. KR: Complete development before August
    2. KR: Ensure 100% code coverage
    3. KR: Launch the tool before November.
  2. Objective: Improve User Experience
    1. KR: Decrease user onboarding time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes
    2. KR: Improve the usability scale by 10%
    3. KR: Increase the NPS from 6 to 9
  3. Objective: Improve Product stability
    1. KR: Ensure APIs response time within 200 ms
    2. KR: Test for scalability upto 2000 active users.
    3. KR: Decrease ReactJS warnings to 0

Customer Success OKR examples

  1. Objective: Ensure customer satisfaction
    1. KR: Implement feedback from 20% customers.
    2. KR: Move NPS from 6.5 to 7.
    3. KR: Achieve customer retention of 85%.
  2. Objective: Create a seamless customer experience
    1. KR: Setup the new CRM
    2. KR: Curate 5 discount plans.
    3. KR: Take at least 200 calls and offer personalized solutions.
  3. Objective: Ensure that all clients are fully aware of the benefits of our  feature updates.
    1. KR: Send 6 newsletters about the new features.
    2. KR: At least 75% of clients use the new features w/in 30 days.
    3. KR: Collect 30 user feedbacks about the new features.

Personal OKR examples

  1. Objective: Work on becoming more productive
    1. KR: Deepwork everyday for 5 hours
    2. KR: Take 15 minutes everyday to plan everyday activities
    3. KR: Restrict social media usage to 10mins a day
  2. Objective: Improve my Linkedin profile
    1. Make 50 new connections
    2. Make 2 Posts consistently per week
    3. Follow 25 relevant hashtags

Focusing on the right goals, tracking, and commitment to success, and aiming for massive goals are the benefits of well-planned and well-implemented Objectives. This is why you find OKRs being implemented by the world’s best companies. From reading about OKR implementation at these companies to seeing a difference at their own workplaces, here are a few case studies of how OKRs brought an impact on companies. To learn how OKRs can bring out the best in your business, talk to us.

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