How Slay Coffee is creating a transparent culture with culture.easy?

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About Slay Coffee

Slay coffee is a leading brand in the Coffee industry with the mission to democratize gourmet coffee. There are present in about 150+ cloud locations and It’s the first company in India to implement the concept of on-the-go coffee bars.

Building a transparent and accountable culture in a growing workplace.

As a fast growth new age beverage company, the workforce at SLAY needed absolute clarity on the work that needs to be done. We were looking for ways to communicate to them what is expected and how their goals are aligning with the organization’s goals.

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350+ employees


Building a transparent and accountable culture in a growing workplace.


Implementing OKRs and translating the business goals into smaller focusable goals.

We inculcated transparency with culture.easy

With OKRs, right from our executive level of founders to our front-line employees, they are very clear on what their responsibilities are. OKRs defined are helping us stay focused on our goals. The teams certainly understand that by doing their OKRs right they contribute to the company’s growth and hence feel responsible for moving the organization forward.

Defined OKRs are helping us work with 10x focus

Two examples of impactful OKRs at SLAY. In the month of May, we noticed an unusual number of front-end employees absent at work. This affected our business revenue and the employees had no clue. We defined OKRs to address this issue.

This worked wonders. Employees showed up to work with increased enthusiasm and felt accountable to their tasks and we were able to successfully limit our loss to 2%.

Another scenario was where we had to run print campaigns as a part of advertising. This involved multiple teams working together, hence a lot of cross-dependencies. Without OKRs each team wouldnt be aware of the other team’s progress. We defined OKRs for capturing the cross-team outcomes.

With this, the marketing team and other teams were well aware of the timeline of activities happening in their teams and were able to minimize the time delay that could’ve happened waiting on each other. They executed their goals successfully and we were able to run the campaign well before the due date we have planned for. This is truly the power of OKRs.

Transparency is one of our core values at SLAY. We were managing our OKRs on Google sheets until the point it became non-intuitive due to the scale of our OKRs. culture.easy's OKR driven product aligned very well with our cultural philosophy and it has become my goto tool to understand how my teams are progressing on a day to day basis.

Lakshmi, CEO at Slay Coffee