Praise Wall

Your organization could use more pats on the back. Celebrate individual contributions and team milestones with ease.

Praise wall

Boost for Employees

A pat on the back can only help boost motivation.

Less work for Leadership

Automatic flow of positive conversations keeps the workforce engaged and gelled.

Positivity for Everyone

Create a virtuous cycle of appreciation, motivation and execution.

Amplify the positive feedback in real time.

There is no reason to delay positive feedback. The Praise wall feature makes it easy for your organization to create positive habits that promote morale, celebration and overall satisfaction.

Praise card
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Praise badges
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Reinforce your company’s values through Praise badges.

Create customizable praise badges that matter to your organization. Having a set that represents your company’s values is highly recommended.

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“There are two things people want more than sex and money: recognition and praise.”
Jack welch
Mary Kay Ash
Founder, Mary Kay Ash Cosmetics

Make it easy for people to appreciate the good work in real time.

The Praise wall captures your organization’s positive vibe. Employees know the place to go to share appreciation and champion the habit of public appreciation.

Give a praise
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Praise badges
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A badge of honor goes a long way.

A common practice we see in our customers is that the leadership’s use of the Praise Wall to reflect on the achievements in internal communication emails and town hall meetings. Employees feel recognized for their efforts which in return boost their motivations to excel.

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