High Performance Survey

Understand how your organization fares in terms of high-performance culture. Get actionable insights on energizing the workforce to reach higher levels of performance.

360º feedback

Big picture feedback from employees

Collect employee sentiment on workplace policies and overall strategy execution.

Accountability for Management

Analyze high-performance dimensions at department level.

Insights for Leadership

Identify the gaps that need to be addressed for a super engaged workforce.

Get a comprehensive High Performance report card.

How do you evaluate where your company fares in terms of high-performance culture? We’ve captured the core tenets of high performance teams and designed this survey to capture the strengths and gaps a company has. This report provides leadership visibility into employee sentiment, experience and drivers for their performance.

Understand what is stopping your teams from being high-performant.

Results from the High Performance survey will serve as the baseline for the company to move forward and better. Employees develop awareness in terms of how leadership is made accountable to deliver a high performance culture.

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"High performance teams are not models of perfect behavior; they are imperfect teams that know how to recover quickly "
Loretta Malandro
CEO, Malandro communication

Establish an honest, accountable and people aware culture.

Build a no-nonsense culture of embracing your organization’s strengths and gaps that motivates the workforce to continuously improve and innovate.

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Get insights on how each team is enabled to execute the business strategy.

Every team has unique priorities and a unique role they play in the execution of the business goals. High performance survey provides assessment at each team level to understand their unique challenges in a safe and anonymous way.

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