How achieved an engaging workplace with culture.easy ?


Automate is a US-based High growth startup with a vision to bring the power of workflow automation to non-technical users to unleash productivity and growth across teams in enterprises. They believe that hard work is supposed to be done by the apps people use so that people can do the smart work themselves.

Teams were working in their own silos.

At Automate, we embrace the culture of transparency and inclusivity. We wanted to make these values part of our day-to-day work but did not know how to. Employees were working in their own closed teams without the knowledge of how their work impacted each other. We wanted to fix that and bring everyone on the same page on missions and goals. We chose OKRs to solve this. 

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200+ employees


To help break siloed execution in the company.


Using OKRs and getting everyone on the same page on the company goals.

It became a ritual to align and check-in goals.

We were looking for different tools that help us solve this. Culture.easy clicked for our needs. It had just what we needed. We experimented the product with a couple of teams for a month and noticed that the employees were 2x responsible and engaged while delivering their goals. That’s when we rolled it out to the company. We thought employees would find it a little hard to accustom to the product but Culture’s intuitive UI rippled into our workflows seamlessly and it has become a ritual to track and check-in goals.  

Employees are twice as engaged and motivated

Though our plan was to do OKRs first, we wanted to compare our progress before and after incorporating them for the whole company. We sent out an employee engagement survey and then started with OKRs. We defined OKRs in a top-down approach where management defined the company-level goals and employees had to define theirs to add up to the next level of goals. This went surprisingly well and created a positive environment. Employees felt included in the company’s goals and this improved accountability like we have never imagined. 

With OKRs visible to the entire organization, we broke the siloed executions. Employees collaborated on their goals and achieved them sooner. While doing so we also noticed employees inclined towards praises. They felt the need to recognize efforts in order to maintain a healthy work culture. After a month of experimentation, we sent out an engagement survey again. This time the scores were way higher than the first time. That’s when we knew we were on the right track to a high-performance culture. Today, culture.easy is the most essential part of how we maintain an engaging workplace

Results after using OKRs

culture.easy simple-designed OKR feature helped onboard the entire company and was key to the mind shift towards high-performance execution.

Ashok, CEO at
Automate customer