5 Tips for effective performance reviews

Performance review is a way for a team to recognize and encourage the performance of each other. It encourages teamwork, promotes communication among team members, and establishes clear expectations for what’s expected of each individual. 

Performance reviews can make or break a good relationship between an employer and their employee. Most people dread performance reviews even if they were well prepared. 

Performance reviews are a great way to improve performance in both the professional and personal lives of your employees, but it isn’t always easy to write effective performance reviews. You can follow these five tips for effective review writing to give you some help on this task.

5 Tips for effective performance reviews.

Be Prepared

Going in unprepared can be the difference between getting penalized and getting a glowing evaluation. 

To have an effective review, it’s crucial for you to bring specific examples of good and bad behavior to the meeting. This is something that needs to be done and kept track of throughout the year, not just recent examples. Also, it’s a good idea to gather feedback from peers to ensure the performance review remains objective. You should also aim to include other information like standout accomplishments or customer feedback.

Be Transparent

The most important thing to know about performance reviews is that they should be transparent. Tell them what you did–and didn’t do–to help the company improve its quality of work. Performance reviews should also be conducted regularly, in a timely manner, and at least once a year by everyone who works for the company. You’ll want to do this at every level–from The Managers Down Below to Account Representatives Up Above

Be Futuristic 

To get the most out of any review process, you must make it clear what happens after the review. When you start doing this, your team will be more likely to follow your lead. If you make it clear that there is an opportunity to improve your rating, it will be more likely that people will take advantage of it. To improve feedback loops, set goals for yourself and for your team. Be clear about what you expect out of each member of your team and why each is valuable to your company.

Give Constructive feedback

There is much to be learned from a performance review. One particularly applicable area is how to give constructive feedback as a manager. Those with years of experience report less satisfaction with performance reviews because they are forced to confront weaknesses and shortcomings that may not have been properly identified. The traditional employee approach – “we see what they did wrong and it was stupid, so let’s do something about it“, is often misguided. It leads management to focus excessively on subjective criteria such as employee performance reviews while neglecting objective measures such as company profitability.

Have clear goals for the next performance review

Effective performance reviews are a way to boost your colleagues’ morale and productivity by giving them clear, repeatable instructions on how they should accomplish specific goals. In a fast-paced environment, it can be difficult to keep track of individual tasks and assignments. Creating a clear performance goal will make sure everyone knows what they need to do next, and gives them a reason to stick with you.

“After the performance review meeting, make sure to follow up by summarizing the discussion and include goals that were agreed upon during the meeting so your employee can begin improvements immediately.”

Having a process for performance reviews is crucial to achieving good results/culture in the company. Generally, speaking tools help you enforce them in your teams and makes your life easier in closing performance reviews and seeing results/progress real-time.To learn more about how performance reviews from culture.easy can benefit your company and drive you into high-performance culture, talk to us.

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