360º Feedback

Build a culture of taking feedback from anyone.

360º feedback

Easy for Employees

Clean and minimalistic interface helps employees easily understand the 360° feedback process and act on their next steps.

Controllable by Managers

Managers can select the reviewers whose feedback would help in collecting holistic data points.

Breeze for Admins

Easy controls for Admins to configure and make modifications to 360° feedback cycles.

Collect anonymous feedback to get clear and direct points for personal development.

Getting multiple perspectives from people an employee has worked with is a quick and an effective way to evaluate personal traits – both positive and negative. culture.easy 360 degree feature aces this process by keeping the feedback anonymous so that the reviewers can give direct feedback in a safe and confident way.

360 degree feedback Responses
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360 degree feedback questionnare
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Understand the values and behaviours that are important to win as a team.

Driving an employee to achieve bottom line performance might help her succeed as an individual contributor, but team dynamics might still be hurting. Making it work with the team prepares the entire team for long term success and this is an important reason to evaluate how an individual fares as a team player. Configure the questions that check on your company’s culture and expected behaviours.

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"An important skill for all SpaceXers is the ability to accept critical feedback. This is key to anyone’s growth and becoming better at what they do."
Gwynne Shotwell
Gwynne Shotwell
President & COO, SpaceX

Streamline and simplify your company’s 360 degree process.

HR Administrators can easily create and configure settings for the company’s 360 cycles and can oversee the progress on each employee’s feedback collection process. culture.easy user interface makes it easy for the administrator to nudge employees to do their bit to drive overall feedback cycle progress.

360 degree feedback cycle status
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360 degree feedback nominees
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Hear from the people your work impacted.

Employees take feedback seriously when it comes from people they trust and have worked with. In culture.easy, employees can nominate their reviewers to get the process started. Managers can alter the reviewers list to achieve a balance of feedback sources that result in holistic assessment.

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